Tracking My Orders

Once you've placed an order with us, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details, including the details of what you've ordered, your full full delivery, billing and payment details.

If any of these are incorrect please let us know as soon as possible by emailing We only have a short window of time to cancel orders as our warehouse teams are super speedy so don't delay!

Once our super speedy warehouse team have got your order ready to go, you'll then get your dispatch confirmation email. This will have all the same details on, but this time we'll also include your tracking reference. You'll be able to track your order with this and see when you can expect delivery.

Don't worry if the tracking reference says they don't recognise your information, it may be that it's still a little too early to see it. Give it 12-24hrs, and your tracking should be updated with the courier.

If you see anything on the tracking information that worries you, for example an attempted delivery that you're not aware of, just get in touch with the customer service team and we can always follow it up for you.

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