Customer Service at The Perfume Shop for Ireland

Customer Service is important for all retailers, but at The Perfume Shop, it is part of the foundations that the business was built on.

Our in store staff will offer you impartial advice based on what YOU need. We don't get paid commission on the sales we make, we care more about making sure you get the right product, whether you’re buying for yourself or treating a loved one.

We like to think of our store teams as the leading experts in the field and we spend a lot of time on ensuring product knowledge is delivered to everyone in store. So whatever your query on a perfume, whether it be about a particular ingredient, or trying to find a new signature scent, we have the tools to help you. We employ staff that can talk to people, so we won't bombard you with industry lingo that makes no sense. 

Our Customer Service team are pretty knowledgeable too because they take part in the same training schemes as our in store teams.

Because of the passion that we have for product and people, we really want to hear from you. Tell us if you haven't had the kind of experience with The Perfume Shop that you would expect. No matter how small it may be, just get in touch.

We'd love to hear about your experiences in your own words, just email us at You'll get a response from one of our customer service representatives who will work to change your experience into a more positive one. They’ll also make sure your feedback is escalated to the right places.

We know it's not all doom and gloom, so why not tell us about the good times too? We’d love to hear your feedback.. 

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